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Our Office

Our office, with high sense of duty, offers high quality legal services to its clients, with full accountability and in view of their needs. Our aim is,the prompt,efficient, and credible representation of our clients, with meticulous attention to detail and responsiveness. It is our belief that a personal relationship between client and Attorney, leading to a long lasting relationship based on trust, is of utmost importance for the achievement of the best possible outcome. It is our challenge to be the Attorney of your trust.


We provide specialized legal services and strategy counselling, adapted to the specific needs ofour clients. We always focus on the best possible promotion of our clients’ interests and the personal approach of the legal matters they are trying to solve.

Therefore, our primary concern at the handling of a case is the constant communication with our client, which, combined with our experienceand with the constant updating and our rich involvement and familiarity with various branches of law are the biggest guarantee to effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of our clients.

For the effective representation of our clients, we cooperate with greek attorneys and professionals of other sectors, such as notaries, court messengers, accountants, tax advisorsand civil engineers

Our office, responding effectively even at the highest requirements and being fully aware of the challenges of contemporary reality, assumes absolute responsibility andconscientiousness of all kinds of matters relating to the Civil, the Commercial and Labor Law, together with the penal aspects of the relevant cases.